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Thanks to Estrus Max for another great year!  Ticket Is Punched.   Yes there is a difference.  It simply Works!  

Taylor Wade, Iowa ; 3 Bucks In A Row Honor

Putting up stands, I was sweating like a pig and the wind was blowing at like 10-12 mph I thought to myself at this point there is no way I will see a deer the way I am stinking up this area. So I  grabbed that earth cover scent and sprayed down. Had 2 doe come within 5 yds of me and 3 other deer within 30 yds and not one of them picked up me scent.

Buck Farmer MBL Pitcher, Georgia

I shot this 2 1/2 year old buck on 11-3-17. I got a bottle of Buck Baits Deer Urine Estrus Max on 11-2-17 the next day I sprayed it around my blind within an hour this nice 6 pt came in. You can see the results. Thank you Bucks Baits. 

Richard B., Michigan 1st Grand Slam Winner