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Results worth mounting!

Results worth mounting!

Congratulation to Nick from New Haven Michigan and thanks for sharing your awesome mount picture. Nick harvested this great 8 point using Buck Bait...
Unbelievable Response .. 8 Point Mature Buck

Unbelievable Response .. 8 Point Mature Buck

Harvested Using  Lab Certified ESTRUS MAX Doe In Heat Whitetail Estrogen at Peak Level. and Scent Breaker Unscented odor eliminator.  
Does Buck Baits Lures and Covers Scents Work In the Winter?  8 Point Buck says it does!

Does Buck Baits Lures and Covers Scents Work In the Winter? 8 Point Buck says it does!

Gene Of Detroit Michigan harvests this nice Michigan 8 Point Buck!   Buck Baits Estrus Max Lab Certified Doe In Heat At Peak Estrus, Scent Breaker ...
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Thanks to Estrus Max for another great year!  Ticket Is Punched.   Yes there is a difference.  It simply Works!  

Taylor Wade, Iowa

Putting up stands, I was sweating like a pig and the wind was blowing at like 10-12 mph I thought to myself at this point there is no way I will see a deer the way I am stinking up this area. So I  grabbed that earth cover scent and sprayed down. Had 2 doe come within 5 yds of me and 3 other deer within 30 yds and not one of them picked up me scent.

Buck Farmer MBL Pitcher, Georgia

I shot this 2 1/2 year old buck on 11-3-17. I got a bottle of Buck Baits Deer Urine Estrus Max on 11-2-17 the next day I sprayed it around my blind within an hour this nice 6 pt came in. You can see the results. Thank you Bucks Baits. 

Richard B., Michigan