RT-QuIC Testing Process

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Why RT-QuIC?

RT-QuIC is a next-generation assay for CWD detection and has been shown to be more sensitive than a immunohistochemistry test in multiple studies.

CWD can be detected more often and sooner using RT-QuIC. 

RT-QuIC testing requires less tissue than other methods for live animal CWD testing which can allow for more consecutive biopsies.

RT-QuIC has been validated in 3 independent peer reviewed studies for live animal testing for CWD.

More than 3000 RT-QuIC tests have been performed in different laboratories with excellent reproducibility and correlation of results. 

Above: RT-QuiC data from CWD testing.

RT-QuIC is a prion amplification test that determines if samples contain CWD seeding activity and which deer or elk will be positive for CWD.  

RT-QuIC is not a USDA approved test for CWD but in all cases deer or elk that test positive by RT-QuIC either have CWD or went on to develop CWD in later testing. 

In multiple peer reviewed studies RT-QuIC has been shown to be a more sensitive test for live animals. 

Source:  CWD Evolution, LLC https://www.cwdevolution.com/why-rt-quic-testing


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