Chronic Waste Disease Information

Buck Baits will continue to provie updated Information about CWD and Hunting Deer Urine Based Scent Products


The tradition of hunting deer is our responsibility to help protect this resource for future generations.   There are a lot of opinions vs facts being shared. 

Buck Baits has been following the issue of CWD closely.    We have taken steps to meet as well work with government regulatory agencies to make sure our products are always compliant.   . 

This includes communications and participation in trade associations such as Archery Trade Association (ATA), research facilities,  and taking additional steps above standards with our farms where our urine is collected, working with wildlife agencies, and top experts on this subject matter were we all have a common goal of fighting CWD.  Buck Baits has even developed synthetic deer scents for those states that have taken steps

We have followed the research of four expert scientists that are more concerned about fact based research.    Drs. Don Davis, Kenneth Waldrup, Greg Stewart and James C. Kroll have co-authored an extensive CWD paper and most up to date Current Scientific Knowledge About CWD; which presents the on the issues and knowledge related to this cervid disease. We encourage you read this documentation of pure fact with non opinions. These scientists have a combined experience of over 100 years, and are respected in the community of wildlife and animal science. 
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All of the urine we collect for our products comes from facilities that are fully monitored and exceed standards of Agriculture and State regulatory governing bodies.  Quality is highly important to us.    We are constantly testing for diseases especially for CWD by Federally approved testing lab.   We have vets on sight and work with authorities to test any animals suspected of disease.  As a scent manufacturer we can only speak on behalf of our farms and collection processes.   

WE caution you from using products that don't follow same standards or may have questionable practices of how they collect their urine.   Also are not participating as a collective body of the Deer Protection Program established by Scent Manufacturers in 2015.  

Buck Baits is a founding member and participating manufacturer of Archery Trade Association deer protection program along with other member approved Scent Manufactures, Urine Suppliers, Wildlife Agencies, and Top Wildlife Disease Experts who for the purpose of the industry have worked together to establish and enforce the ATA Deer Protection Program, bringing the scent industry to an even higher level.

Numerous studies have tried and failed to show CWD can be transferred from diseased deer to healthy deer with urine.   To date there is no evidence this is the primary cause of the disease spread. 

There is a lot we still don't know about CWD and we are not willing to take any chances...

Buck Baits held in 2015 from not launch our business until standards for CWD with  all scent manufacturers were in place. 

BUCK BAITS was the very first to join the ATA scent manufacturer participant in the deer protection program. 

Buck Baits also was the very first scent manufacturer to label and  package all products with the ATA check mark.  That is how important an issue it was for our customer and retail buyer.  We pride our business on the value and quality of our brand. 

 The ATA Deer Protection Program...

The Archery Trade Association, in a collaborative effort with Wildlife Agencies, Top Wildlife Disease Experts, Scent Manufacturers, and Urine Collection Facilities, has established the ATA Deer Protection Program.  The additional steps and requirements of this program brings the standards to an even higher level, to protect the herds that are supplying the scent industry's urine.

Buck Baits is proud to be a founding participant of this program.

Our packaging and advertising will proudly display the ATA Deer Protection Program logo and the website where you can find out more about the program.

Buck Baits continues to be a leader and active in helping prevent misinformation.  our product and help support our efforts to help stop the spread of CWD.   

Buck Baits continue to also be proud to support conservation efforts.    Help future generations.  Give us a try this season