Why Buck Baits™?

Recognized by wildlife gaming officials, outdoor sporting goods industry buyers. 

  •         Quality & High Standards
  •         Attractive Prices
  •         Superior Customer Service
  •         Giving Back Programs

Buck Baits™ is a women-owned Michigan-based company that specializes in manufacturing and selling best in class hunting attractants and hunting themed products.  We also are an additive manufacturing facility as well Craft Brew Coffee Roaster Facility.

Buck Baits™ products are targeted towards consumers who are hunting enthusiasts, archery enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, boating and fishing, trail and mountain hiking, camping and RV enthusiasts.  

Buck Baits™ archery and hunting outdoors consumer products line includes, among other things, a full line of animal natural urine attractants, lab certified urines at peak estrous and or RT-QUIC tested cervid urine against chronic waste disease, synthetic deer scents, masking and food cover scents and attractants, game calls, odor elimination products, wind indicator, wicks and drag products for scent disbursement, deer mineral feed and baiting products, decal stickers, head ware, apparel, crossbow slings, food and beverage products, and tracker stacks.

In addition to its Archery and hunting product line, Buck Baits™ sells a variety of categories and branded products intended to appeal to consumers that including but not limited to themed coffee brands, drink ware including Mugs, tumblers, pint glasses, headwear, apparel, decal stickers, insulated can coolers, seasonings, and hot chocolate/frozen pops and other accessories.

Many of Buck Baits™ product incorporate REALTREE® camouflage patterns and are produced and sold as licensed REALTREE® products through an arrangement with Jordon Outdoor Enterprises, Inc., a world leader in camouflage patterns for the outdoor industry.  

In 2015, Buck Baits, LLC launched its “DEER CAMP®” line of products.   DEER CAMP® is licensed registered trademark of Buck Baits LLC and DEER CAMP Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters with products featured in consumers and trade magazines, newspapers, radio, billboard, and seen on national television shows.   Prior to Covid 19 product were displayed at consumers and industry trade shows and now on virtual shows.  The brands have been recognized as established consumer brands in the hunting and outdoors industry.  

The DEER CAMP® line of products includes includes green beans, ground and whole coffee beans, chicory, hot chocolate, ice cream, furniture, rugs, wild game meats, jerky, bbq sauce, seasonings, dressings, salsa, jams, preserves, Deer Camp branded accessories such as mugs, glassware, tumblers, insulated beverage sleeves, can coolers, insulated beverage can sleeve, candies, hats, seasonings, hot chocolate, and stickers. 

Buck Baits, LLC products are developed to outperform the competition.  Products are rigorously field tested and analyzed to ensure that every product meets or exceeds established standards and certifications.  Our commitment ensures the difference between a successful outing and going home disappointed.

Not all hunting products are created equal. In fact, quite often most offerings over promise, offer some gimmicks and under deliver.   At Buck Baits™, we believe that when you are out in the field, having a high-quality product at attractive price points will affect your level of enjoyment.

Hunting is a sport where patience is a virtue. Timing, precision, and understanding of your surroundings are critical traits of a great hunt.  At Buck Baits, we use these same critical characteristics to manufacture our products we sell to you.

Lastly, know Buck Baits™ believes in giving back, which is why a portion of proceeds from each product sold is donated back to sponsorship’s and charitable organizations that focus on aiding hunters with disabilities, educating future hunters, and wild game sustainability programs through out North America.

Buck Baits™ Pro Staff Members

Buck Baits™ takes pride in field testing all our products, sharing our success, and teaming up with the best hunters.  To be the best, you have to continue to learn from the best.   With that mindset, meet the members of Buck Baits Pro Staff Team who will be helping us test drive our products, providing valuable feedback,  and sharing ways to continue to be a leader in our industry.  Oh, the most important part!  They will provide tips and advice on how best to use our products, and of course sharing some of their memorable stories.  They do this because they love our products and love sharing their success stories to help other hunters. 

Jennifer Drake  - Upper Peninsula & Northern Michigan

Michigan’s only female hunting guide is now part of Buck Baits Pro Staff Team.  We are so excited to have Jennifer partly because of her love for ethical hunting.  Jennifer will be helping test new products as well promoting our existing product line.  She will also be providing photos as well articles throughout the year.  You can read more about Jennifer in a featured article published in The Detroit News.    Click here to read! 

Jennifer hunts:   Fox, Coyote, Bob cat, Turkey, Deer, Elk, and Bear

Archery | Firearm


Dustin Whorley  "WHORLEY BIRD" - Virginia (Synthetic Scent User)

Dustin has been hunting the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Virginia  since he was a young boy. Dustin is a faithful Whitetail hunter and loves the great outdoors. Dustin will be helping test new products as well as promoting our product line, especially the synthetic line being as he hunts in Virginia. He will also be providing articles and photos throughout the year.  He is our first Male to harvest a buck for the last three years using our Synthetic Scents. 
Dustin hunts : Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Turkey, Coyote, Bobcat, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Dove
Muzzle loader | Archery | Firearm

Carter William (Youth Hunter) - Texas
Carter William been hunting most of his youth live.  He love hunting whitetail with his father as well boar and turkey.   He has successfully harvestest several bucks using Buck Bait Products. 
Archery | Gun 

Jeremy Jondro - Southeast Michigan
Jeremy Jondro is an avid outdoorsman that loves to hunt the white tailed deer, turkey, and small game in the great state of Michigan.  He lives in SE Michigan in Monroe CO and where he does most of his hunting.  Jeremy has great passion for archery hunting but will also get the rifle and muzzle loader out when the season permits. He is married to his  Jennifer and they have 3 beautiful daughters. 
Muzzle loader | Archery | Firearm


Dom Wisener (Youth Hunter) - Washington State

Dom Wisener lives in Eastern Washington state. He is the youngest of his 8 siblings and is an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast. Dom enjoys hunting deer, elk, black bear, coyotes, cougar, bobcats, turkeys, rabbits, and a variety of other small game and birds. 

Dom has taken animals with his rifle, shotgun and recently took a whitetail doe with his crossbow. He plans on building up his strength over the next couple seasons to be able to hunt with his compound bow as well. The fall of 2019 will be extra exciting as he will be joining his Grandma in Idaho for a youth elk hunt that he hopes to capture on film. 

Archery | Firearm


John “ Jay Nezz” Nesbitt - Southern Maryland

Former Active Duty Marine/Gulf War Vet with 35 plus years of hunting experience. I hunt Squirrels, Rabbits, Turkey, Hogs and Whitetail deer.   With my family so spread out and my military brothers I hunt in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The thing I look forward to the most is the silence of the woods. There is nothing more relaxing than the outdoors for me. Hunting keeps me grounded and thankful.


Think you would make a great representative of our products?  Want to be a member of our pro staff team?   Contact us!