Buck Baits, LLC offers highly competitive pricing as well margins to be made on our premium products.   We encourage you to purchase from our Distributor but not all our items may not be carried by them.

We now offer ONLINE ordering!   To apply click above! 

Dealers interested carrying our brands.  We offer:

  • Downloadable PDF catalogs you can review as well send your customers.   Customizing also available.
  • No minimums for wholesalers
  • Products made to order fresh
  • Shipped as soon as packaged
  • Drop shipping available to your Customers (Blind Shipping)
  • Negotiated shipping rates
  • Email communications
  • Customer service
  • Account Managers

To start, request an application.   Once completed we will give you additional information about where and how to order our products.  

Distributors Interested In Our Brands:

  • Low minimum annual purchase commitments
  • Exclusive Offerings
  • Product and Marketing Support
  • Account Directors Assigned To Your Sales Team


If you have question feel free to call: 888-568-2788.