Synthetic Doe Urine Scent Lure 4 oz. - Buck Baits

Synthetic Doe Urine Scent Lure 4 oz.

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  • Synthetic
  • Calming Scent
  • Potent Realistic Scent
  • Pump Spray Diffuser applicator
  • Does not contain deer urine or any biological material from any CWD-susceptible cervid

Buck Baits™ Synthetic Doe Urine Scent 4 fl. oz. (118 ml)  Bottle With Mister

Buck Baits synthetic “Doe” urine scent lure is perfectly replicated formula with effective results when natural urine is not an option.   Used as a calming scent and effective all season.

Hot To Use:

Use scent pads or deer drags (Scent Anchor Wicks) saturated with Buck Bait™ Synthetic “Doe Urine” scent to lure bucks from a distance away to your hunting stand, then pour generous amounts of scent around your stand to keep the bucks busy as well calm.