Synthetic Buck With Tarsal Urine Scent Lure 4 oz. - Buck Baits

Synthetic Buck With Tarsal Urine Scent Lure 4 oz.

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  • Synthetic
  • Use on Scent Trails Or Mock Scrapes
  • Scent Used To Identify Dominance
  • Potent Realistic Scent
  • Pump Spray Diffuser applicator
  • Does not contain deer urine or any biological material from any CWD-susceptible cervid

Buck Baits Synthetic Buck Urine With Tarsal Scent 4 oz. (118 ml) With Mister

Buck Baits synthetic “Buck With Tarsal” urine scent lure is used to lure big dominate bucks.  Perfectly replicated formula with effective results when natural urine is not an option.  Effective early season, pre-rut and during rut.  Also used to create scent trails or mock scrapes.

Hot To Use:

Scratch up a sufficient area next to a well-traveled path, then squirt buck with tarsal urine in your scrape.  Big Bucks cannot resist checking out Buck Baits Synthetic “Buck Urine With Tarsal” scent lure and cannot resist checking out the intruder in their areas.   Be prepared as bucks will be ready for a fight. Warning: DO NOT put this urine on our boots or clothing.