Exotic Wood Duck Call - Buck Baits
Exotic Wood Duck Call - Buck Baits

Exotic Wood Duck Call With Lanyard

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  • Made In USA
  • Material: Exotic Wood
  • One of a kind and no two are alike
  • Open water
  • Standard internal bore and tone board mimics all duck sound


Pull ducks right into your spread.   Buck Bait “Wooden Duck” game call are very simple to operate. Simply say a word such as “quack” or “ten” or find a word that works for you.  Activate your voice while using this call and saying your word to achieve that deep raspy sound.  Made from exotic wood, each piece is handcrafted finished, and polished to perfection.   Internal bore and tone board can handle everything from loud hails and raspy greeting calls to soft quacks.  Used for Open Water.  Made In North America.  The image shown is an example of the craftsmanship and style of our products. No two are alike, and each will show its own unique patterns and colors.   MADE IN USA