Buck Urine 4 oz. RT-QuIC Test Certified

Buck Urine 4 oz. RT-QuIC Test Certified

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This item is also RT-QuIC Tested. 

Using ATA Approve Buck Urine, this product goes through an additional lab test know as RT-QuIC.  You can learn more at www.CWDevolution.com   

This test is a state of the art testing method to look for any trace of CWD in our urine.   This test also is an extra step to assure gaming officials as well our customers our product is 100% CWD Free.   For example, states requiring use of RT-QuIC Test like Louisiana.  certifies the product is CWD free and legal use as required by law.   A lab certification number is placed on each bottle providing compliance. 

Buck Baits™ “Buck Urine” has many uses.   It is known as a curiosity lure and especially for dominate bucks causing them to check out the new intruder in their area. Our standard product is packaged in a 4 oz. (118 ml) plastic spray bottles, hunters are excited about the quantity, quality and dollar value they receive in each bottle.  

Hot To Use:

Buck Baits™ “Buck Urine” can be used all during the whitetail season. If you are sitting over an active buck scrape, dig up the dirt a little to make it look like another buck is invading the territory and sprinkle some buck urine in it.

 Buck Baits™ is a participant in the RHSA Deer Protection Program.  Packaging will show the DPP Checkmark complaint for States and DNR rules regarding use of Deer Urines and Scents.  Check with your state for legal compliance of using this product.   Products that show the ATA Checkmark are certified as compliant.