Success Again! Archery Hunter Cody Skaggs Takes Down Cow Elk In Colorado

This past week outdoor hunting television show Mass Pursuit TV #TeamOklahoma  (Amber Leroux and Cody Skaggs) traveled to Colorado to film upcoming episodes. Buck Baits was excited to be a part of their hunts.

Congratulations again Cody!  Two days in a row! A mule deer and now a giant Cow Elk.  

Cody on his first Archery Elk checked off another item on his bucket list and was "Grateful for all the great folks involved in this weeks hunt again."   The crew packed it up after a week of hunting and filming and don't worry we hear Amber will be returning in a few weeks to fill her tag!  We hope to be along again too!   

Cody successfully used Buck Baits Cow Estrus and Dominate Bull Elk Urine which are both ATA approved urine as a curiosity scent and cover scent during his elk hunt.  Several cows and bulls showed up using the scent over the week.  Cody had his eye on a special bull but this cow was tempting enough to fill his tag.   "I would definitely say Buck Baits worked, we were able to get so close!!", states Amber.   

We cannot wait to watch this episode and see more photos!  Congratulations again #TeamOklahoma  

Be sure to tune in and watch MASS PURSUIT TV on The Pursuit Channel to catch this hunt and more.

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