Hunter Becomes Great Grandfather and Harvests Giant Michigan Bull Elk 6x5

Its official and at the processor. Giant monster 6x5 Michigan Bull Elk Harvest continued reporting with Drakes guiding services during 100 Year celebration of Michigan Elk Hunting!

Congratulation continues. So we just heard from field hunter Ron V great grandson was born while hunting so he had to hurry to the hospital right after these photos. It was one minute from the time he killed the bull till his great grandson was born. What timing!

We bet it will be some awesome memories shared for generations to come. Ron on behalf of Buck Baits thank you for allowing us to be apart of your hunt as well a huge congratulations on having a new great grandson! I know you will have some great stories to share and photos to look at with the parents and rest of your family for years to come.

The official certified scale weight. 511.2 lbs.

Photos are Ron v from hawks area of Michigan! With Jim shepherd assistance and guide Jennifer Drake! Jennifer is know As Michigan’s DNR First Female licensed hunting Guide! Official inspection by Michigan DNR! Another successful hunt for #TeamMichigan

#TeamMichigan is a little
Tired but with Deer Camp Coffee brewing in the morning will be ready to go for their 4 am cow elk hunt! Stay tuned.

Buck Baits ATA approved Elk Urines and Buck Baits Scent Breaker odor eliminator spray were both used during this hunt!

Results Matter - There is a difference.

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