8 Point; First Male Hunter to Harvest A Buck Three Years In A Row With Buck Baits Synthetics

Congratulation to Dustin Whorley and His Harvest tonight.  This is the first male hunter to harvest a buck Three Years In A Row using Synthetic Deer Urine Scents.   Just a week ago we had a family earn the honor but using natural deer urine.  

The official Hunting Report: #BuckBaits #TeamVirgina Pro Staff “Whorley Bird” on the board with a Nice Eight Point Buck that I am sure was fighting his ground a few times during the rut!

Dustin harvested a Old buck with a few broken horns, and put some great food in the freezer for his family!

He used Buck Baits Scent Breaker Odor Elimination Spray and Buck Baits Synthetic Doe In Heat Urine Scent place on a Buck Baits Scent Anchor wick to lure this guy out of the woods. A Remington 7mm was used to harvest.

Congratulations on a great harvest! This is Dustin’s Third Year in a row using Buck Baits product for a buck harvest. He is officially the first male hunter using synthetics scents to earn this honor.


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