FIELD TESTED: Deep Wooded 8 Point Drawn Out By Buck Baits

BUCK BAITS posted trail cam pics back in November of our product in action at Buck Baits Camp. We hung Scent Anchor Wicks and brought out our Buck Baits Esrus Max Lab Certified Doe In Heat urine. A few sprays and it brought out this buck from deer in the Michigan woods. As you can see this one was a nice Trophy Buck. On Opening day morning we had a face to face experience as he hung out in the tree line without any clear shot and eventually left.

On day two Dion W of Curtis Michigan was able to harvest him. What great Tines and mount! Congratulations on getting the trophy of the area!

Buck Baits Estrus Max and Buck With Tarsal ATA Approved Urine were used. Trail Cam Picks taken at Buck Baits Camp