ESTRUS MAX was worth the BET!

This time a year We love meeting new customers and hearing stories.

Last week Richard of Michigan asked us how confident we were in our products! Of course we said confident!!! Richard has heard a lot about claims and tried different products. We convinced him to give us a shot.

The agreement: If Estrus Max Doe In Heat Deer Urine works and he harvests a Buck, he would be happy to share photos and pay up to three times the cost for our Estrus Max product.

Less then 24 hours we received a text message and yes Richard was a man of his word  He showed his results and called us today to make arrangement to pay.  Yes  he paid up!   We look forward to hearing from him next season.

Thank you for the photo and testimonial.

“I shot this 2 1/2 year old buck on 11-3-17. I got a bottle of Buck Baits Deer Urine Estrus Max on 11-2-17 the next day I sprayed it around my blind within an hour this nice 6 pt came in. You can see the results. Thank you Bucks Baits. ~Richard B “

He may of lost the bet but earned a great memory!