Celebrating 100 years of Elk Hunting In Michigan Buck Baits Lure In 3 x 5 Bull Elk

Since 1918 the state of Michigan Reintroduced Elk hunting.   This year marks the 100 year anniversary and harvesting an Elk even more special. 

We want to congratulate Mike M this morning.  He harvested a 3 x 5 Bull Elk using Buck Baits Cow Estrus ATA approved Elk Urine, Buck Baits Scent Breaker odor eliminator with earth scent and Buck Baits Acorn Cover scent. He saw many bulls and cows the last few days and was able to get close using Buck Baits.

As of yesterday only 47 elks were harvested this elk hunting season in Michigan. This may be #48 of only 200 issued licenses.   There is a lottery system in Michigan and people wait for this lifetime opportunity.   

Check out the unique rack and colors. Thank you for the great photos from the woods and keeping us updated!   Also thank you for believing in Buck Baits for this one in a lifetime opportunity.   We love your hat too!! 

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