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Label Printing Error – Deer Musk Scrape Enhancer

$14.95 $5.00


Label Printing Error – Deer Musk Scrape Enhancer

$14.95 $5.00

Buck Baits™ Deer Musk Scrape Enhancer 4 fl. oz. (118 ml)  Bottle With Misters

We made a printing error!    The product is bottled fresh but one word on the label “Scrape” is misspelled and missing the “E”.  See photo.   Enjoy the discount from our mistake!   Limited quantity, so if you are not concerned about the spelling take advantage of this great discount.


Buck Baits™ “Deer Musk Scrape Enhancer” is a bland of deer glands, secretions, and “Buck Urine” for a true all-purpose attractant.   Although formulated as a scrape enhancer, it is shown effectively as well a lure.   This product is something different than most other deer lure and attractants.

Hot To Use:

Scratch up a sufficient area next to a well-traveled path, then place urine in your scrape. Big bucks cannot resist checking out Buck Baits™ “Deer Musk Scrape Enhancer” and cannot resist checking out the intruder in their areas.   Be prepared as bucks will be ready for a fight. Warning: DO NOT put his urine on our boots or clothing.


Additional information

Weight .275 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 2 in

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