Estrus Max Doe In Heat Lab Certified Deer Urine At Peak Estrous Level  4 oz. - Buck Baits

Estrus Max Doe In Heat Lab Certified Deer Urine At Peak Estrous Level 4 oz.

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  • Best Seller Doe In Heat Lure
  • Highly responsive mature buck lure
  • Patented Process used to produce highest levels 
  • Lab Certified For Peak Estrogen Collected!  There is no higher levels
  • Field tested and highly effective

You will receive a Buck Baits “Estrus Max™” Laboratory Certified PEAK Estrogen Doe In Heat Urine 4 OZ. Bottle With Spray Mister

#1 Lab Certified Doe In Heat at PEAK ESTROGEN LEVELS Collected!     

ESTRUS MAX.   A first in the hunting industry.

-GUARANTEED ESTRUS urine in every bottle – never before available to deer urine industry.

-PATENT PENDING collection and certification technique.

-SCIENTIFICALLY formulated by the leading deer urine manufacturing company.

-APPROVED by  whitetail reproductive veterinarians.

-CERTIFIED by an independent lab.

-TECHNOLOGY to collect Estrus certified urine allows us to collect and ship fresh daily.

-SPECIALTY products increasing your success in the field.

Technology to certify Estrus Max™ and Basis For Test Results

Buck Baits uses a Radioimmunoassay (RIA) test that uses a polyclonal antibody raised against estrogen. The antibody cross reacts with a number of estrogens to include estrone and estriol. Units are measured in picugrams / mili-liter. The urines we are collecting have a certified level of 30 plus pg of estrogen in 1 ml. Research done in whitetail deer indicate that a does estrogen levels in her natural peak heat are approximately 30-50 pg/ml.

Survey by Buck Baits Deer Hunters who used ESTRUS MAX in 2017 season results:

  • 95% had deer respond to Estrus Max™.
  • 90% harvested a deer using Estrus Max™.
  • 85% reported Estrus Max™ was more effective than other brands they used in past hunts.
  • 90% reported the following advantages over other Estrus brands: more mature bucks responded, bucks more aggressive, deer responded quicker, does came to sets and deer hung around sets longer.
  • 90% reported they would use Estrus Max™ again.
  • 95% reported Estrus Max™ is worth the value.
  • Of the 25 selected hunters 2 used the product again after 1st year being successful. The results were 2 for 2 and a 100% success rate - Both Hunters successfully harvested bucks two years in a row.

We encourage all hunters to review and be aware of all your local and state hunting laws before using our products. 

Due To Products Effectiveness, please read our warning:  For your safety, it is very important not to apply to persons or clothing.  It’s extremely effective and can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.  Due to the effectiveness of our products Buck Baits, LLC accepts no responsibility for accidents and injuries.  Do not consume.  Keep out of reach of children.  Wash hands after use.  Use at your own risk. 

How To Apply:

Apply urine and cover scents to Buck Baits™ Scent Anchor™ wicks.  Hang three to six feet off the ground.  One or two wicks per hunting area is proven effective.  You can also apply several drops or mist near brushes, on trees, as well ground cover.  It is recommended to re-apply each time you enter the area.

Buck Baits, LLC is an ATA Deer Protection Program Participant and this product meets ATA standards.  To learn more about the importance of this program and why we participate please visit http;//