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Buck Baits Pro Staff Members

Buck Baits takes pride in field testing all our products, sharing our success, and teaming up with the best hunters.  To be the best, you have to continue to learn from the best.   With that mindset, meet the members of Buck Baits Pro Staff Team who will be helping us test drive our products, providing valuable feedback,  and sharing ways to continue to be a leader in our industry.  Oh, the most important part!  They will provide tips and advice on how best to use our products, and of course sharing some of their memorable stories.

Jennifer Drake 

Jennifer Drake And ClientMichigan’s only female hunting guide is now part of Buck Baits Pro Staff Team.  We are so excited to have Jennifer partly because of her love for ethical hunting.  Jennifer will be helping test new products as well promoting our existing product line.  She will also be providing photos as well articles throughout the year.  You can read more about Jennifer in a featured article published in The Detroit News.    Click here to read! 


Jennifer hunts:   Fox, Coyote, Bob cat, Turkey, Deer, Elk, and Bear

Archery | Firearm







Brandon Green

Brandon-GreeBrandon is a jack of all trades.  Working three jobs yet finding time to enjoy what he loves.   Brandon is one of our lead field testers our products at our Buck Baits Camp.   After thirty minutes of using Estrus Max, he harvested this nice four point.


Brandon hunts:  Duck, Goose, Bird (Grouse), Deer, Bear

Archery | Firearm


Paul Wheeler 

Paul WheelerPaul has been hunting for years.   He has developed the perfect blend of minerals and really knows what it takes to create an environment deer love.   Paul will share photos as well provide Buck Baits with expert advice on creating the perfect racks in mature deer.   Check out the rack on this 8 point he harvested using our ESTRUS MAX.

Paul hunts:  Deer

Archery | Firearm


Dustin Whorley 

Dustin WhorleyDustin has been hunting the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Virginia  since he was a young boy. Dustin is a faithful Whitetail hunter and loves the great outdoors. Dustin will be helping test new products as well as promoting our product line, especially the synthetic line being as he hunts in Virginia. He will also be providing articles and photos throughout the year.
 Dustin hunts : Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Turkey, Coyote, Bobcat, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Dove
Muzzle loader | Archery | Firearm




Think you could would make a great represent of our products?  Want to be a member of our pro staff team?   Contact us to learn more.