Importance Of Early Spring Scouting


I find early spring when there are still a few patches of snow on the ground to be the perfect time to do some scouting/ shed hunting. It’s at this time of year before the greenery begins to grow that you can best in my opinion see all of the deer and elk runs and

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Estrus Max Proves Successful Attractant

This year we offered select individual to test drive our Estrus Max product.     Results were consistent:   Created a huge curiosity Lured mature Big Bucks If scent wicks were used attacked the wick and pulled them down Response usually within 12 hours after laying down.  Most results were within half hour to an

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Deer Season 2016 Preparation Checklist

Pre Hunt Preparation Acquire Landowner’s Permission Hang Treestand/Inspect Stands/Set Blind Books and Videos Buy Landowner Gift (Deer Camp Coffee) Mend any Torn Blinds Scouting/Game Cameras/Food Plotting Buy License Organize/Pack Screw in Tree Steps Check all Batteries Practice Calling Sharpen Knife/Broadheads Clean Binoculars/Scope Purchase Storage Bins (Food/Clothing) Sight/Tune/Pattern/Test/Practice Clean Firearm Read Local Rules, Regulations, Update Electronics

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Respect Your Firearm And Its Safety To Stay Safe

Owning firearms is acceptable as it reflects ones passion and status. Yet, exercising the firearm safety procedure is highly recommended. Regardless of whether your home is dotted by small children or not, it is a conscientious effort expected of firearm owners to promote safety in home and it includes various steps. Keep Firearms Locked Purchasing

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Happy Thanksgiving

Congratulations on this Turkey!  Named “Turkey-Zilla”  National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) registered bird.   13Th largest overall Bird Taken In Michigan,  4th Largest Beard ever in Michigan, #11 Largest Spurs in Michigan ,  #3 Largest Weight Bird In Michigan at 26.6 lbs, and   #11 Overall Nationally among all birds registered.

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